Search Engine Optimization used to be a simple process but as time has gone on and the Internet has become an even more valuable tool for business and marketing, one thing is now for certain: Content is king when it comes to SEO.

The importance of high quality, attention-grabbing content can not be understated. By providing searchers with the content that they were looking for  your site should increase its page ranks, keep visitors on your site longer, and help to convert them into paying customers.

What is important about content is that it is a matter of quality, not quantity. It shouldn’t be there just to fill up a page. It also shouldn’t be there just to manipulate page rank. While these things are important, we cannot forget that the goal is drawing in and keeping the attention of the customers and so your content should always be geared towards keeping searchers on your site and providing them with the information that they need to convert them into paying customers. It is a delicate balance to avoid writing content just for search engines and writing engaging content for customers. It does no good to appear highly on a search engine if your visitors don’t want to stick around on your website for very long! The best approach is to always think of your customer and your target demographic and to build the site around them and their needs. Whether you use natural speech or a keyword density tool, make sure that different keywords and phrases that they are searching for are sprinkled, not spammed, though out the site.

This should help you increase in page rank and increase traffic in the long run. But the question is do you need an SEO company to do the content for you? The answer is that it depends. How are your rankings after your content is posted and submitted? How are your conversion rates? How are your bounce rates? Do clients leave after immediately visiting your page? If all results are great, then you don’t need our assistance. But if you are concerned about some of these aspects, then you may need some assistance with an SEO professional and we’re here to help!