Search Engine Optimization

We utilize only safe “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, maximizing organic search traffic safely and effectively without putting your website in harm’s way. We are focused on many key areas such as quality backlinking, natural speech keyword analysis, and content and ranking analysis.

Good, solid web content is the most important factor of success no matter what type of business you have. Search Engine Optimization can drive traffic to your website and ensure your site is making the very most of that visibility. We help tailor your content pages to suit your target demographics, turning visitors into valued customers.

  • Improve organic search results
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Keyword placement
  • Social Media integration

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Customer Support (Phone, E-mail)
• Dedicated experienced SEO specialist
• No Call Centers

SEO Status Reports
• Periodic reports and communication from SEO specialist

Content Optimization
• Content optimized for SEO

Code Review
• Review meta tags, alt tags, title tags, headings and basic SEO elements

Site monitoring
• Review and monitor customer website for growth, opportunities or SEO problems

Site optimization for social media
• Integrate social media accounts into website

Google analytics account
• Review key landing pages, buyer behaviour, traffic patterns, and demographics

Google webmaster tools account
• Set up Google webmaster tools account and integrate with website
• Review keyword information and data from Google

Bing/Yahoo webmaster tools account
• Set up Bing/ Yahoo account and integrate with website

Photos tagged for SEO

Syndicate blogs to social media
• Post new targeted content to social media sites

Targeted content development (up to 1 per month)

Key word strategies
• Target customer selected keywords

Level 2 Content Optimization
• Customer topic selection option

Level 2 Code Review
• Create and integrate Google, Bing, And Yahoo accounts into website
• Customer topic selection option

Backlink Analysis
• Review current backlink strategies

Web Form Conversion Tracking
• Create customer forms for targeted content posts
• Monitor customer forms and forward any customer contact

Interactive Video Creation
• Submit customer or created videos, tag, and submit to Youtube Account

Video Submission (You Tube)
• Submit customer or created videos, tag, and submit to Youtube Account

Targeted content development (up to 2 per month)

Social Media Backlinks
• Post links from social media sites back to main website

Optimize Existing FB Posts & Link Back to Website
• Optimize Existing FB Posts & Link Back to Website
• Link Facebook posts back to main site and target key customer pages

Level 3 Content Optimization

• Article coded to Google standards and submitted to them directly

• Direct rapid submission of new content to Google and social media

Social Media Optimization

• Social Media Management (2 post/week; 3 networks)

• Ongoing management of social media program

Targeted content development (up to 3 per month)

Advanced Code Analysis Priced TBD Priced TBD Priced TBD
• High level code review

• Code correction